Clickbait-y 'Mumbai Mirror' eats crow after misquoting Gopichand's wife

The newspaper twisted Pullela Gopichand's wife PVV Lakshmi's words to create a scandalous headline but it backfired


Journalists and common men alike, have expressed their disapproval at Mumbai Mirror's sexist headline about Gopichand and his wife. After P.V. Sindhu had the silver to her name, the reporters from the aforementioned newspaper, rushed to Gopichand's adobe to interview the most accessible person closer to the Olympic Winner and her coach, Pullela Gopichand's wife P.V.V Lakshmi.

Like others who were proud of Sindhi and he coach, Lakshmi, too, was eager and excited enough to agree for an interview session with the newspaper. To her and everybody else's dismay, the newspaper edited her words and portrayed this proud wife like she was a jealous being.

Mumbai Mirror's headline read "Sindhu has what I didn't have- my husband". Whereas, the question asked to her was what, in her opinion, was the reason she didn't win back when she, as a badminton player, represented India in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. To which, her reply was "Sindhu has what I didn’t have back then – my husband as coach.

Surely, Tweeteratis were not going to take this matter lightly and raised questions upon the ethics of this particular news media.

The newspaper run by 'The Times of India', was quick to change the headline after receiving much criticism and insults. They changed the scandalous headline that made Gopichand's wife seem like a jealous woman to a headline where she has expressed how proud she is of Gopichand and how lucky Sindhu is to have Lakshi's husband for a coach "PV Sindhu is lucky to have my husband as a coach: PVV Lakshmi". 

The previous headline

[caption id="attachment_307058" align="alignnone" width="460"]The previous headline The previous headline[/caption]

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