Rakhi Sawant strikes again: This time with a Modi dress

For a pre-Independence Day celebration in Chicago, the 'Kim Kardashian of India' wore a black leather dress with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi plastered all over it

We’re all well familiar with Rakhi Sawant’s random and recurring absurd media stunts. Those are the things that have earned her the title of ‘Kim Kardashian of India’.

The celebrity had started off her career really well, with some of her songs making it to the audience’s playlist, but unfortunately, somewhere down the road she lost her mojo and has now taken to performing lunatic activities in front of the media. Surprisingly enough, these get her the attention she longs for. Even though it is just people making fun of her, but you know what they say: “any publicity is good publicity”.

Yet again, she has managed to disappoint the nation and break the internet by posting pictures of her wearing a black leather dress with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi plastered all over it. She wore this dress for a pre-Independence Day celebration in Chicago. These pictures of PM Modi were placed in the most bizarre of the places on the dress but Rakhi had nothing to say about it.

Mr. Shareef, FIA Chicago trustee, was quite disappointed at her publicity stunt and believed that it was an insult to India’s Prime Minister. In an interview, he said: “I’m sure the Consulate General will take action on this since he has always been very particular about the roles and there is an official code of ethics. I am demanding the Consulate should take action on this, having the Prime Minister’s picture on your body in a half dress in this way is just unacceptable.”


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If we start counting the number of times Rakhi Sawant’s activities have had us laughing hysterically, there would be no end to it. Still, the Indian audience can probably never forget the stunts that Rakhi Sawant recently pulled:

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