When Natalie Portman told Ranbir Kapoor to "Get lost"!

In an interview with Rajiv Massand, Ranbir Kapoor confesses that he was told off by Hollywood star Natalie Portman once

When Natalie Portman told Ranbir Kapoor to "Get lost"!

Looks like Ranbir Kapoor has been trying to venture out to adopt new perspectives on life, considering that for quite some time now, Ranbir had been adamant to keep his personal life rather secretive and out of the reach of media. Recently, though it seems as if he wants to be open about all the questions that people have been asking him after his break up with Katrina Kaif.

It was a shocker when Ranbir told the world that he and Katrina would not let their personal lives affect their professional lives. This had come after he was asked repeatedly asked how he and his ex-girlfriend would go about shooting for their upcoming movie

Jagga Jasoos. 

After this shocker, it was all the more surprising when he opened up about his past offers from Hollywood.  He revealed that he was offered to audition for the widely loved Hollywood blockbuster, 
Star Wars

Recently, in an interview with CNN- IBN Entertainment Editor Rajiv Massand, Ranbir Kapoor revealed another incident that has left the people into somewhat of disbelief, for some it served as an occasion to giggle a little, and other believe that the star got a taste what it is to be a fan. When the Tamashaa hero was in the States, preparing to become an actor, he bumped into the Hollywood actress of the movie 
V for Vendetta 
and Black Swan, Natalie Portman, who is also a director.

Being a big fan of her, Ranbir confessed that when he saw her on the streets of New York, he was star struck and ran up to her to convey that he loved her "work". Unfortunately, the Bollywood star was interrupted by Portman, who told him to "Get lost!"

In Ranbir's words: "I am star struck. I have run behind Natalie Portman in Tribeca in New York, where she was on the phone and I didn’t realize if she was crying, I quickly went behind and said ‘I love your…’ and before I could say work, she turned to me and said ‘Get lost’ and walked away! So I have my heart broken also, but I would still chase them."

Here is Ranbir's interview with Rajiv Massand: