Rio Olympics: French Gymnast Samir Ait Said Breaks his Leg on the 1st day

Samir Ait Said, the gymnast representing France in the Rio Olympics suffers severe pain after he snapped his leg due to untimely vault landing.

In the midst of some victories and many more losses, comes the tragic news of Samir Ait Said, the French gymnast, having broken his leg at Rio Olympics due to an ill-timed vault landing during his performance.

It is heartbreaking to realise that the amount of effort and time that took for the athlete to make it to qualify for the Rio Olympics 2016, all had gone in one moment. On the first day of his competition, the gymnast has suffered a horrific leg injury.

The audience at the stadium, as well as the camera’s recording the event, could capture and hear Samir’s bone crushing as he landed and fell onto the floor. The voice of his leg snapping echoed all over the arena.Viewers also took to social media to expresses their reaction as and when the 26 year old Samir broke his leg. It was all the more surprising to the crowd as he showed now signs of pain and agony as his broken leg dangled in the air.

Help was slightly delayed. The first aid physicians arrived late as Samir calmly lay on the ground holding his broken leg. He was taken out of the sporting venue. As he was being taken away, he received a standing ovation from the audiences.

Even after being in tremendous pain, Samir gathered the courage to behave like a true sportsman and waved to the crowd who were yet to recover from the horrific sight of his leg breaking.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.55.00

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.55.00

Last season, he had also represented his country in Glasgow at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship and later paved his way into the Olympics team. Needless to say that Samir will no more be participating in Olympics any further. Unfortunately, he was also supposed to be competing in individual all-rounds, team all-rounds, rings, men’s parallel bars, pommel horse and floor exercise.

Here is the video of the time he broke his leg (Warning: Graphic Content):