Salman Khan Accused By Former Bigg Boss Contestent SKY of Destroying His Career

Ex- Bigg Boss contest Akashdeep Saigal accuses Salman Khan of having destroyed his career.

Salman Khan Accused By Former Bigg Boss Contestent SKY of Destroying His Career

Salman Khan and controversies are two sides of the same coin. For the past seven years, this Bollywood superstar has been hosting one of the most controversial reality show on TV 'Bigg Boss'. Among which Bigg Boss season 5 proved to be the most controversial.

Now, Akashdeep Saigal who got into a tiff with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss season 5 has accused him for having destroyed his career. Akashdeep known as Sky hasn't been seen on any television shows after Bigg Boss.

Akashdeep Saigal, is known for his role of Smriti Irani's character Tulsi’s son in the popular daily soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

A leading daily has reported him as saying that he does not hire PR to destroy anyone's career. When Sky was asked if he had moved on from the tiff that he had with Salman on the show, he said, "Totally! But I don't know if he has. I never hired any PR to destroy a career. I don't have a petty mind. I don't take 10 people along with me to make myself seem more powerful."

There were reports that Akashdeep had accused Salman Khan of physical assault on him during Bigg Boss 5 and that’s when Salman got into the argument with him.

Akashdeep Saigal had then told Times Of India, “Salman hit me during the show and all that while has been demoralising me on the show. He always tried to malign my image on the show. He crossed the limit when he raised his hand on me.”

He was also quoted as saying by TOI, "I was shocked that Salman Khan came into Bigg Boss home, attacked me personally, attempted to demoralise me and put me in a bad light. I'm glad that I was respectful, held my ground and maintained my dignity. I met a lot of viewers post Bigg Boss who told me that they were upset to see me being picked on by the hosts. And in hindsight I can say their victimisation of me won me many hearts and friends."

Bigg Boss has always remained and has always created controversies, but the Salman whom we know has never destroyed anyone's career but instead has helped many people in developing their career.