Secret behind Blake Lively's bikini figure after bearing a baby: No soy, no gluten

With all the pregnancy weight on, Blake had to adopt a diet plan to get back in shape to shoot 'The Shallow', since she had to wear a bikini for most parts of the movie

Secret behind Blake Lively

The stunning Blake Lively, who gained fame from her television series Gossip Girl, and later went on to doing many movies in the Hollywood, had to get back in shape for her movie The Shallow which released this year in June.

Married to Deadpool superhero Ryan Reynolds, the two became parents in 2014 to daughter Jame. She and Ryan Reynolds also announced in April 2016, that they are expecting their second child. With all the pregnancy weight on, Blake had to adopt a diet plan to get back in shape to shoot 

The Shallow, since she had to wear a bikini for most parts of the movie.


Recently, Blake revealed her secret routine that she has used for getting back into shape and it's going to surprise you. It comes as a shock, not because it's a unique diet that helps you get in shape, miraculously, instead, it is shocking because it is one of the most widely used routines, which guarantees shedding of weight and body shaping.

All Blake did was eliminate soy and gluten products from her meals. Additionally, she regularly worked out. Now, it may seem, that eliminating two food-processing products is no big deal but it's not quiet so. Most food items, in today's day and age, have one of these ingredients present in them. "What we actually did was no gluten and no soy. It seems like it was really easy to cut out but you realise there is soy in everything... Even if it's healthy wholefoods or organic stuff, there's always soy in it," she expressed.


The motive is to, basically, put a stop on consuming processed food items and prefer naturally grown and cooked food products, like fresh vegetables and fruits. The actress from 
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
movie series, also said "once you remove soy you realise you are eating just like no processed foods. That's basically what I did. No processed foods and then working out".

Yeah, we've been hearing this since a very young age and every doctor and dietician as recommended this to us. This is what it took her to get in shape and it worked for her, just fine, even though she is a mother and hasn't quite been in the shape that the entertainment industry demands.

Blake said: "I was ready to get back in shape but I've never been in that good shape in my whole life." To do it after having a kid is actually really nice because you see your body after having a kid and it's beautiful because you just gave birth but you're like, 'Oh my God this is not what my body looked like."

Surely, the definition of working out may vary for different people. For those who are inactive, a 30 minutes of brisk walk is a good way to star, those who work our regularly, need no guidance or have a personal instructor to guide them.

But if, like the gorgeous Blake Lively and many other celebrities, you too, wish to get back in shape and don't know where to start from, read, The 30 Day Challenges To Adapt A Healthy Lifestyle.