Self-medication is dangerous for your health

Are you obsessed with finding solutions for sickness and treating them by yourselves?? Then you should read this piece...

Self-medication is dangerous for your health

Despite the advancement that took place in the field of medicine, some people are skeptic about taking medicines or even approaching medics as they mistrust them. However, on the other hand, some of them don't mind going to a near by medical store. This can come more as a shock rather a wonder. It is observed that, usually educated people fall easily into this habit of elf treatment.

They find solutions for all their problems on the Internet. They think that , the the internet has suddenly opened a new vista of knowledge for them to experiment with their life.

However, the big question is does Google provide with us final solutions to all our woes?

But, does internet help us find solutions for all our problems and provide us the wisdom to decide where we need to stop? Hence, the problem arises when we decide to take these matters into our own hands and about the matters which we have no idea about. Especially in the areas that relate our health.

Since any person can use medicines that are unsuitable, there is a danger that arises with self-medicating. Relying on how the situation is, the risk associated varies. However, some risks are common to many individuals.

The risks that are born by self-medication are:

  • Incorrect diagnosis

  • Consuming incorrect medications that leads to side effects

  • Covering up the symptoms of a serious issue

  • Delay in professional medical advice

  • Incorrect dosage which leads to overdose

  • Mix of medications that are unsafe to blend and might lead to legal costs or health concerns

  • Possibilities of abuse

  • Risk of being addictive to certain addictions

  • Allergies