Sheena Bora murder: Fresh tapes emerge, hint at cover-up

A set of 20 tapes, allegedly recorded by Rahul Mukherjea, was handed over to the CBI to assist them in the probe and bolster the charge-sheet against Peter and Indrani

Sheena Bora murder: Fresh tapes emerge, hint at cover-up

In a new twist in murder mystery of Sheena Bora, alleged tapes of conversation between Indrani Mukerjea, Peter Mukerjea and his son Rahul Mukerjea have emerged in the media, indicating that there was an attempt to cover up the murder case.

A set of 20 tapes, allegedly recorded by Rahul Mukherjea, was handed over to the CBI to assist them in the probe and bolster the charge-sheet against Peter and Indrani, media reports said.

In one of the conversations, Rahul asks Peter many times about Sheena's whereabouts after being told that she has gone off somewhere on her own. "I got a message from her that morning and then 45 minutes after that. The messages were all very different... There's something that happened within that 45-minute time span," Rahul can be heard saying, reports TOI citing 'Times Now' report.

According to the report, Peter told him to decide whether to carry on with his life or to go looking for Sheena. He also suggests that Sheena may have 'gone off' on her own or with someone else. When he asks Rahul what he wants to do, Rahul says, "I just want hear from Sheena."

Rahul tells Peter that Sheena's friends and colleagues too are concerned over her disappearance in another clip.

"Papa, listen. It's not just me, ok. It's not just me. All her friends, her Facebook, her internet, her work... People from her work have come home looking for her, saying she is very conscientious at work. She has never missed a day at work without informing. And now she's been gone for more than two-three days and she hasn't informed anyone. This is why it is out of character. Can you hear what I am saying and take it in," Rahul could be heard asking Peter.

In both conversations, Indrani could be heard in the background. The report said seven of the 20 clips were used by the CBI in its chargesheet.