Should you shave your private parts? Find out...

Be wise and choose well your way to groom your private parts...

Should you shave your private parts? Find out...

Have you been thinking whom to discuss this matter? Or if you have been laughed off or felt embarrassed to ask whether to shave pubic hair or not, you can now read and decide.

Many women and men have the thought of shaving pubic hair or whether there are other alternatives to remove the hair down south. So here are few things you need to know about grooming your private parts...


The quickest and a proper way to remove the hair in the pubic region are by shaving. Shaving generally is not bad as long as you keep in mind ‘to shave in the direction of hair growth’. The most common mistake that people commit is that they shave all directions possible (against the hair growth for nearer shave and that is when the problem arises). The hair growth in the region is very coarse and unruly. Apparently, shaving in the opposite way of the hair growth would invite hair to grow denser into the skin and even leads to tiny pus filled boils which sometimes may be itchy. It leads to hair in-growth.

  • REMEMBER always to shave using soap. Many people shave dry without using soap and water. The soap assures a smooth effect of the blade and makes the hair softer too. This makes shaving quicker and simpler.

  • Antibacterial soap will not guarantee you not get an infection. Soaps contains antibacterial action till it lathers. The lather kills the bacteria. Therefore, using an ordinary bar of soap which lathers will work totally. Use a moisturizing soap that keeps your skin moisturized.

  • No intimate washes should be used during shaving. Don't use them, unless suggested by a dermatologist, as they can lead to imbalance in the ph balance of the skin and can cause irritation.


Before waxing, make sure that you aren't applying unbearably hot wax or other types of waxes that you are not familiar with. Apply the usual warm wax. There will be few strands of hair left after waxing. Do not try to wax the rest. Remember, the skin in the pubic region is thinner than that other parts. It is better to seek some professional help and discuss with them, while going for waxing.

Hair removal creams

No cream companies recommend you to apply the hair removing cream on your pubic area. Yet people apply creams! It causes lot of irritation, and you are prone to rashes. Stay away from dangerous cream on your delicate skin.

Laser treatment

Many people think it is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. But, better to know about the methods being used as in many instances, the treatment had gone wrong by burning the body.

So be wise before you go ahead to groom your private parts.