Smriti Irani goes to Starbucks without Security to take order

Union Textiles minister Smriti Irani surprised every one when she ventured out to a Starbucks shops in New Delhi. What happens next is even more interesting.

Smriti Irani goes to Starbucks without Security to take order

Smriti Irani, popular TV actress-turned-Indian politician and current Union Textiles minister has always been a darling of the media for her actions in and outside the House.

However, today she grabbed the attention of the crowds in national capital, when she happened to visit the Starbucks outlet in New Delhi without any security. Rarely we get to see ministers walking without any security, be it famous or a reclusive one. They are less likely to walk around alone.

Facebook user and a Delhi-based writer Nimish Dubey had posted,

The Union Textiles Minister, Smriti Irani was spotted there without breaking the queue or barging in or creating a fuss. It looks like she likes to live a life of normalcy. She was interacting with the staff kindly and even obliged to their eager requests to take selfies.

He also posted the picture of Smriti Irani, standing in a queue and captioned, "You can poke fun at her for all you like. But we have been seeing her at Starbucks time and again. She comes on her own. Stands in a queue. Politely places her order. Goes to take it herself. And leaves quietly. No fuss, no entourage, no security. There are not too many ministers like that. Ladies and gentlemen, Smriti Irani."

Dubey said to Indian Express, “Nobody came with her inside the cafe and there was nobody waiting for her outside. This is the way she always comes, on her own. She stands in the queue and doesn’t jump the queue. Most people were busy murmuring, whispering, and wondering if it was Smriti Irani because she didn’t create any fuss,” explained Dubey.

Smriti Irani has been in the news when she appeared in TV shows and when she became a politician. Being an easy target of innumerable internet trolls, this time she definitely won our hearts with her simplicity.

Standing in the queue, she patiently waited for her turn and picked her own order. The post was posted on August 5, 2016 and had gone viral.