Facing stress at work? Learn how to deal with work stress with these tips

Do not let work stress effect your mental and physical health. Here are some tips that will help you to fight work stress.

Facing stress at work? Learn how to deal with work stress with these tips

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Right sitting posture


Sitting up straight will have a psychological effect, since it directs your brain to work efficiently. Studies say that sitting with our backs hunched will deliver poor work results. See that next time you make some space for your stretches. You may try stretching your arms upwards and then exhale.

Drink tea/coffee


It is a stress buster and will energize your body and brain. It can reduce your stress since it has healthy antioxidants. It helps to calm our mind.



Sit up straight and place your feet down on the floor with your eyes shut. Inhale and exhale slowly. Even the noisiest surrounding can be easily overlooked if you concentrate on your breathing. Meditate for 3 minutes at least and then gradually increase the time.

Eat Healthy


Maintain good diet and eat healthy. Eating smart impacts your work. Do not have sugary food. You may check: 
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, to know the foods that can be consumed for stress. Fruits and vegetables are always a good in reducing stress.

Get good sleep


Sleep is an important factor in your work life. Skipping sleep even for a few hours makes you look dull, worn-out and irritated. Try and aim for at the least 7 hours of sleep. A good sleep can give you a fresh jumping start next morning and help to keep you active throughout the day. If you are facing difficulties in sleeping, you may check:
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Build up Positive relationship


It does matter how people behave and talk with you. Build up a friendly environment and indulge in talks. Do not bore them by talking something unrelated or boasting about yourself. Don't even think of interfering when two of your colleagues are talking softly or something personal. Present yourself in a positive way and let them invite you as a jolly person and not for sympathy.

Organize your workstation


Are papers, folders, files, boxes, stationary items etc. loitering in your desk? I would recommend you to place your hand and sweep it towards a side but since it might have important information, 'arrange them' back to their places. Your desk shouldn't increase the burden of your stress. Keep it neat and clean.

Phone a friend


Call up your friends and talk to them. We all know that social network is one of our best tools for handling stress. Share your problems with friends and relatives. It will help you to get relief and reduce your stress.