Suicide Squad drops Music Video bomb Purple Lamborghini

Jared Leto stars as Joker in the new Suicide Squad's Music Video dropped by Skrillex and Rick Ross..

Suicide Squad drops Music Video bomb Purple Lamborghini

What happens when the movie is over and thrill starts to fade? A music video comes up with the beat to keep you in the Suicide Squad world. Purple Lamborghini is the name of the video song and the artists are Skrillex and Rick Ross.

Here's what Rick Ross posted on Instagram:

#purplelamborghini video. #boss #biggest @skrillex @jaredleto

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Boss vs. The Joker... Forgive me for my wrongs I have just begun...

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Skrillex also shared in Instagram,

#PurpleLamborghini vid out now @richforever @jaredleto @colinseyes ??? watch at

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I can see the Joker! Can you??

Video drops tmrw @richforever @jaredleto #purplelamborghini

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There are many entertainment sources who seem to look unhappy with the dramatic backdrop which is packed with energy. The song was expected to be release by August 5.

Recently in an interview, director Colin Tilley explained about the scenario behind the video's concept. He said, "The idea of the video came about—you know, Sonny [Skrillex] is one of my good friends and he’d showed me the record quite a while ago so I was living with it for a while. Finally it was time to do the video so we started talking about different idea and Sonny was like, 'Man, I really don’t want to do one of those typical videos where you cut in footage from the movie and then shoot stuff to match it… No, let’s shoot all our own original stuff.' He’s like, 'I’m gonna call Jared and see if I can get him in the video to play The Joker.' And, I said, awesome, let’s do it! Once I found out it was all good I wrote this concept involving all three of them. For me it was all about capturing that energy. Basically, putting together the ultimate squad and having them mob around. After we put the treatment together and sent it to everyone… next thing you know we’re in Miami shooting."

Well have you heard the music yet? Here you go.