Taylor Swift with Parents Having a Fab "Garden Party"

Taylor Swift's "Garden Party" with her parents hits Social Media

Taylor Swift with Parents Having a Fab "Garden Party"

The country singer, Taylor Swift, recently head to Rhode Islands. It wasn't to work on her upcoming song or to spend time with her new boo. Instead the 26-year-old was spending time with her parents. Mother, Andrea Swift and father, Scott Swift, spent some quality time while gardening with their superstar daughter.

Looks like this singer of the song Style is hitting back to her roots, the country side and the family had a fun time indulging in their age-old hobby of gardening. In her cute banana prints tee, she shot some videos which she later posted on her Instagram account. These videos captioned "Garden Party". In the video she narrates "Doing some major gardening. This is what we use to do back at home except not with Kale"

She also said that they use to gardening back when her family and her lived in the countryside, but never with Kale. She had also uploaded a picture of her working the soil, which she later removed. Wonder why?

Taylor gave her fans a decent view of her whereabouts in the video, which also featured her parents at the back.

It was nice to see Taylor broadcasting her recent activities as she has seemingly been underground since her feud with the Kardashians and Kanye, over his latest song, Infamous. These social media updates followed her public confirmation of being in a relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

It would be interesting to see if our country girl can pull-off a country song, only instead of talking about her experience with her exes, maybe she can talk about gardening. We haven't seen Taylor Hanging out with her parents often. It was a good change in the sight, after being used to ogling at pictures of her holding hands with her boyfriends.