The 30 Day Challenges to Adapt a Healthy Lifestyle

It is a fact that if you practice any activity for 22 days continuously, it is going to turn into a habit. Here are a few initiatives to adapt to a healthier lifestyle

The 30 Day Challenges to Adapt a Healthy Lifestyle

We all wish to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, but the "hustle-bustle" of a city life has us quiet occupied for us to concentrate on our health. Those who have made fitness a part of their lifestyle visibly doing well for themselves. While the rest of us look at them and envy.

Science says that if one practices a specific activity for 22 days continuously, it becomes a habit. So, the solution to solving your problem is to adopt a new hobby. It's just 22 days, you won't even know when these activities become your new hobby and contribute towards making and shaping a healthier you.

Following are five of the 30 days of routines from Pinterest that you can try out and see which works for you! If you can do these for 22 days, by the 23rd day it's going to become a hobby.

1. 30 Days Water Challenge 



Okay let's get started with something doable for all of us, drinking water. There's no challenge in that right? Just gulping down 8 glasses of water at regular intervals. And cutting down on sweetened beverages such as tea, coffee, juice and artificial sweeteners.

2. 30 Days of No Junk Food

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Imagine this, all those calories you're going to say no to! Your body will be thanking you by the end of this challenge. For all you know, you won't even like munching onto those unhealthy carbs after 22 days. All you have to do is cut down on processed, sugared and deep fried food items.

3. 30 Days Cardio


As helpful as running is, sometimes it just gets too much for some of us to run on a daily basis. But this challenge has breaks! every fifth day is a rest day, and as is the purpose of this challenge, it is going to become a habit sooner than you think. Not to forget all the fat you'll be burning in these 30 days.

4. 30 Days Squat 


Who doesn't want that dream figure?! The great thing about this 30 day squat challenge is that you get to start at a beginner's pace and then increase the effort you put in, according to your body's convenience. Not only it seem easy and effortless, you're going to get addicted to working out by this time and you'll love the shape your body is going to start to take.

5. 30 Days Plank


Just like the squat routine, the plank challenge too beings with doing a plank for 20 seconds and you are allowed to take baby steps and before you know it, you'll be planking for 5 minutes with no effort at all. Planks work all your core muscles and are one of the quickest ways to reduce belly fat and get some abs.