The latest iPhone 7 rumor says it'll come in five colors, including a new glossy black

The Space Black color is described as a similar look to the �new� (2013) Mac Pro or the Space Black Apple Watch. This is a black metal far darker than Space Grey with a glossy finish.

The latest iPhone 7 rumor says it

A new leak from Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara claims that Apple's next iPhone - presumably called the iPhone 7 - will be available in five different colors.

Macotakara also mentions several specs for the upcoming iPhone 7 family, including a better camera sensor, optical image stabilization support, and dual-lens camera setup for the iPhone 7 Plus. Furthermore, the site also mentions that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will lack a standard headphone jack, something most of us already know.

The Space Black color is described as a similar look to the ‘new’ (2013) Mac Pro or the Space Black Apple Watch. This is a black metal far darker than Space Grey with a glossy finish.

Other special specifications are!

The Specifics(Special Features)

The Camera
Apple, has one of the greatest smartphone cameras on the market. It seems that for the past three years Apple has been trying to develop an even better dual-lens for the 7. From the rumors, it wouldn’t be ready for the 6s so it would be pushed to being manufactured in the 7.
Specifically the camera will use multiple sensors to improve image quality. This means it can measure depth, add a boost to it’s auto-focus or focus pictures after you’ve taken them. It’s going to also be able to look at objects in 3D and give correct measurements, too. Overall it will be a smaller, smarter camera that makes clearer and more defined pictures.
iPhone 7c
It’s expected that Apple will make new 4” iPhone named 7c. The details claim that AUO is working with Apple to produce new 4” smartphone screens. From the deal, screens will be shipped in the first quarter of 2016, fitting in with a launch later in the year, most likely with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This information also seems to confirm that the screens will not be ready in time for an iPhone 6c launch, suggesting that we will only get two new handsets this year.
A10 chip
With a new SoC in each generation of iPhone, it’s assumed that the iPhone 7 will incorporate an A10 chip, after the A9 that is in the iPhone 6. Basically this will mean a reduction in the required size of the components( i.e. more space in the case for more components or a large battery). Secondly, it take less power and battery life will improve. Thirdly, it will not make as much heat and that’s great for running the gadget at a faster speed with better performance. which either means you can get away with less cooling or that you can run the SoC at a faster speed to increase performance.

Charging Wirelessly?
With the iPhone 7, Apple may also incorporate wireless charging to the iPhone 7; we can all get rid of the Lightning cable yay! The rumours unfortunately haven’t been confirmed, but we’re definitely crossing our fingers on this one. WIth other companies incorporating the feature it seems like the next big step in smartphone development. It is so much simpler and less stressful (God forbid you need to recharge your phone and can’t find a charger or an outlet).
Improved Battery Life?
There is a job ad looking for hardware engineers to develop new battery designs and iOS engineers. It can be derived that Apple wants iOS engineers to investigate what drains battery in real-time, and develop tricks to save power.

No Increase in Battery SIze
TheiPhone 7 will probably use a consistent battery size, unless there will be extra room for it.

256GB iPhone?
Another rumour is that the iPhone 7 would have a storage option of 256GB from the current 128GB max in the iPhone 6. Adding storage to phones would not be cheap and to most people a 64GB handset is sufficient.  Apple may release a 256GB in the iPad before an iPhone debut.