The most annoying facts and perceptions about the opposite sex

There are a lot of things that are not appreciated about the opposite sex. It could be hypocrisy , incessant nagging, double standards etc. Find out the most annoying things about the opposite sex that can lead to the end of a relationship.

The most annoying facts and perceptions about the opposite sex

Mentality of some of the men

  • They can have premarital sex but will only marry a virgin.

  • They can treat a girl in any disrespectful manner that they want to.

  • A woman cannot smoke/drink.

  • If a woman is wearing short dresses, it is because she wants to seduce boys and thus they have the right even to rape them.

  • Woman=weak+afraid of cockroaches and lizards.

  • Women should stay indoor and do all household work.

  • Woman should leave their job after marriage.

  • Education is only for the boys.

Some guys don't understand meaning of ROMANCE and love . They are lusty and 24x7 its all about Sex.

And the other one is Cowardness : When guys cant take stand for their girlfriends due to family pressure or society and this annoys girl.


The ones who want to talk endlessly

Some girls who just don't know when to stop,they can go on and on,and worse, it's on the most stupid topics.They can't bear silence.

Just because you are a woman doesn't mean you are entitled to a seat in a buses/trains.If you are healthy you can very well stand for a few minutes.We all have seen girls making old men get up from seats just because those are reserved for ladies.

If somebody want to talk to you.That's because he  want to TALK with you.That doesn't only mean he want to sleep with you.

Hypocrisy:Showing anger on social media by protesting against rapes,then in real life slut-shaming other women.Telling things like "she asked for it","she was drinking and wearing short dresses".Yes,women do say such things as well,not just men.

The obsession with quotes on their Facebook profile pictures:People know you are beautiful,you don't need to reinforce that thought with a Marilyn Monroe quote.

If you want something and need me to act in a certain say it loud and clear.

The ones who keep on nagging: Nagging is hateful!

And the list continues!