The right shower water temperature to refresh you in the mornings

Are your morning showers not keeping you fresh and energetic? Read to know the temperature of the water that makes your day start well!

The right shower water temperature to refresh you in the mornings

Taking a shower energizes us and makes us feel super-fresh! What if you took a shower that would reverse these feelings and make you feel sleepy? While doctors have suggested having hot shower would put you to sleep and it is a treatment for the people suffering from insomnia.

Here is the temperature of water which you should be using to take a shower. Adjust water temperature between extreme cold and hot temperatures to get your day started. If you are thinking how it works, then here you go...

You may begin with some hot water so that the temperature adjusts to your body. After this, turn the water cold as much as possible for you to bear for half a minute. Then as hot as you can withstand for 30 seconds and then back to cold to end your shower. It is definitely not easy but you feel heavenly and refreshed after shower.

Warm and cold way of shower is adapted in many parts of the country. This has good health benefits. Starting your day with a hydrotherapy-like shower will give you the similar feels of any sauna or a spa. This might sound a lot of work and could make you impatient if you are running out of time. In such situations, it is suggested that you may keep the water little warm and more cold.

For treating depression, having shower for 2-3 minutes under cool water is suggested. It creates stronger immune system, improves circulation blood and helps in boosting body metabolism.

Do not forget to dry yourself well after shower especially in the areas where you sweat a lot. Apply body lotions after your shower. The lotion is then absorbed by the skin since the water droplets get dried up.

So present yourself feeling fresh and stop looking groggy.