"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Premier Going to be Disheartening

Spoilers alert! Ross Marquand confirms the death of a special character in season 7 premier of "The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Premier Going to be Disheartening

The season six final of the AMC series The Walking Dead, had its audience at the edge of their couches and it had them remain their all this while. It ended with a nail biting scene where everybody knelt before Negan, while he contemplated who to kill with his baseball bat, named Lucille .

The revelation that has been made recently is that in the season 7 premier which is to air on 23 October 2016, is going to bring with it a disheartening news of the murder of someone special to the audience.

Ross Marquand, who plays the role of Aaron in the series, has confirmed that there is doing to be a death of someone you "really care about". He said "Everyone is expecting it to be devastating, and it is. It’s a rough, rough exit, you know? That being said, I think it’s a great episode, too. I think it’s an episode that people will watch and talk about for years to come, honestly"

He also said that there are, possibly, going to be more spoilers for the upcoming season and there are also some in The Walking Dead comic books. So, if you're spending your days and night ogling at the comic books but don't want to spoil the upcoming episodes of season 7, then it is advisable for you to shut those books for a while and hide them where you can't find them. Until, you've seen it for yourself.

An even more devastating is the news that the character you really like is going to die minutes with in the start of the show. There are rumours and predictions that it may be Gelnn, or Daryl Dixon, or maybe Aron himself. Nonetheless, its going to have the fans sobbing and might even cause somewhat of a revolt.

Ross also conveyed that it was rather sad for them to shoot the finale and the premier, knowing who they were going to lose. He had expressed "It was not fun. None of us were having a great time during those scenes. For people in the audience, sitting at home on their couches watching it, they’re going to be feeling all the feelings that we felt. It was an absolute loss of someone that we really care a lot about. We say this time and time again, but it’s not just a TV show for us — it’s a family. When you lose a family member, it’s extraordinarily difficult. We felt that death was like losing someone that you really care about."

Fans may be eager to know what happens, but they will only be able to do so on the 23 October, which seems far enough to be border-line torturous.