Then and Now: How the cast of Famous Hollywood Television Shows of 90s look

Here is what the cast of some of the famous television shows of 1990's, looks like now.

Then and Now: How the cast of Famous Hollywood Television Shows of 90s look


There are countless television series that we’ve watched while growing up. Some of them became an important part of our lives. Some changed us in a way, we’d never have thought before. There are number of old TV series that evoke a nostalgic feeling, whenever we go back and watch them. Needless to say that we loved and enjoyed every minute of these good-old TV series. Here’s to all those lovers of those shows, who have grown up watching them. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and see how many our favourite celebrities have changed and what they’re up to now.

1.Friends (1994- 2004)



This show is everybody’s all time favourite. It almost seems like, even after all these years, we have a sort of emotional connection to each and every actor and character from Friends. Here is what the cast looks like now.


2. The X-Files (1993- 2002)



From the spooky background music to the absurd conspiracy theories, we remember them all at the back of our heads, like it was just yesterday when you first watched one of the episodes from The X-Files.


3. Seinfeld (1989- 1998)



The sitcom that stole all hearts and made us sit glued to our television sets. Having, interesting characters, this show was rather famous for having no specific aim. These guys have made us laugh and cry through the years. This is how they look like now.


4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)



Even today you can see people sharing snippets of this show on social media. This show unearthed the incredible talent of Will Smith and gave him the major break of his career. Since then Will Smith has become somewhat of a legend! Like him, most young stars from this show went on to become even bigger stars in Hollywood.


5. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)


This show was famous enough to have been made and remade and had sequels and film avatars. Some of the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation still remain important part of the Hollywood.

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