Think of its benefits before disposing those used tea bags

Daily we have at least on cup of tea and dispose of the used tea bags. But what if we tell you that those very tea bags that you flip into the waste bag have their own benefits and can be reused for other purposes.

Think of its benefits before disposing those used tea bags

Before you dispose those used tea bags, stop! You can re-use them for multiple purposes.

Stronger Tea
If you want your tea stronger, you may use the used tea bags along with the new one while brewing. The used tea bag will lend some more flavor to your tea. This use will work with any kind of tea, but is best with green or red tea bags.

Dark Circles

Green tea bags can be refrigerated after their use. Place the tea bags on your closed eyes and do not remove for 15 minutes. Repeat this for two weeks and see the dark circles getting faded.

Razor Bruises

If you had razor cuts, burns etc., place a wet tea bag to the affected area to give you pain relief. See that you replace the blade before your next shave.

Soothe bleeding gums

To stop the bleeding and reduce the pain from a lost or recently pulled tooth, press a wet tea bag with cool water in the area.

Fridge freshener

Place a couple of used tea bags in your fridge. The tea bags will soak up the unwanted odors leaving your fridge with reduced smell.

Shoo the stink from Shoes

Dry the tea bags after their use. Place the bags near the toes inside your shoe. Be it any shoes,  it absorbs moisture that contains foul smell.

Treats Acne

Wipe your face with used green tea bag. Before you rub a tea bag on your skin, wash your skin with a hypoallergenic cleanser. Place the cool tea bag on the acne for 10-15 minutes.

Mirror Cleaner

You may use tea bags to clean the mirrors or glasses. It loosens up the dirt, grime and fingerprints. Wipe with a soft cloth.

Home fragrance

Add few drops of fragrance oil in the partly dried tea bag and hang them for a while. You room will spread the fragrance from the little tea bag.

Do not reuse tea bags more than twice and keep it refrigerated. As refrigerated food spoils, similarly tea bags cannot be kept longer.