Garcienia cambogia or kudampuli: This Asian fruit can help dissolve kidney stones

Research has established that garcinia cambogia or kudampuli, which is marketed in the form of dietary supplements and is consumed by many for the purpose of shedding weight, might prove helpful in dissolving kidney stones also

Many have been talking about garcienia cambogia, an Asian fruit that comes in the form of dietary supplements and is consumed by many for the purpose of shedding weight.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical species of Garcinia native to Indonesia. It is available along the Konkan coast in India as Malabar tamarind or kudampuli (in Malayalam). In Kerala, this has been used for flavouring seafood dishes for centuries.

Over time, these supplements have proved beneficiary for losing weight. Recently, a new research has established that this fruit is not only good for getting in shape, but also in getting rid of kidney stones.



Dried garcinia cambogia (kudampuli)


This news came to light after Nature published the findings of a researcher on their website.  Jeffrey Rimer, who has a PhD and is a professor of chemical and bimolecular engineering working at University of Houston.

According to the research, garcienia cambogia or kudampuli extract contains a substance known as Hydroxycitrate (HCA). HCA is supposedly a better dissolver of kidney stones than the current chemical that is used, potassium citrate.

Hydroxycitrate, present in this dietary supplement, is comparatively more efficient in slowing down formation of calcium oxalate (CA), which are the substances responsible for formation of kidney stones, in the first place. Researchers working on this discovery say: “HCA shows promise as a potential therapy to prevent kidney stones. HCA may be preferred as a therapy over CA”.

HCA is also better than calcium oxalate as it doesn’t have any such major side effect that has been recorded, yet. Whereas, CA does have side effects on patients who consume it for the purpose of getting rid of kidney stones.

However, the research has only been conducted on people already consuming gardenia cambogia supplements and only for a span of three days. Although they say that the research, so far, shows “promising” results, an experiment is yet to happen on a large scale, to make certain that the recent findings are, in fact, true.

Jeffrey Rimer believes that if the experiment is successful on a larger group of people, over a longer span of time “similar to our trials in the laboratory, hydroxycitrate has the potential to reduce the incidence rate of people with chronic kidney stone disease”.