End your love affair with this cancer-feeding item in your diet!

Sugar � a substance that we use for our daily dose of tea or coffee, sweets and chocolates � essentially feeds tumor cells and encourages cancer growth. Why is this so? Are there any other reason for sugar cravings? Read on...

End your love affair with this cancer-feeding item in your diet!

Sugar may increase the risk of certain cancers, which is not the same as causing cancer.

Excess of hormones is the primary reason for cancer. Increased consumption of sugar and fats can cause such abnormalities in hormones which in turn lead to cancer.

Sugar is a substance that encourages cancer growth.  At anytime, your body has thousands of cancer cells and your immune system is keeping them from growing. Cancer is an anaerobic metabolic disorder and uses sugar preferentially (as in only) for "food".  Hence, some feel it can feed cancer growth once a cancer has become established.

The link is best documented in esophageal cancer. High sugar intake can lead to fermentation in the stomach and intestines, which can lead to more burping, which can lead to acid reflux. In turn, that can cause reflex esophagitis, inflammation of the esophagus. Persistent inflammation causes an increased rate of cell division, which increases the risk of cancer.

High sugar intake can also predispose a person to metabolic syndrome or diabetes, both of which are associated with systemic body inflammation. Again, inflammation means more cell division, which means higher cancer risk.

But it's important to put increased risk into perspective. About 0.5% of people will get esophageal cancer. Even if someone increases that risk by eating a lot of sugar, the odds are still low that he will develop that form of cancer. That's why it would inappropriate to imply that sugar causes cancer.

Cancer does 'feed' on sugar to produce the energy to maintain and grow the antibodies.

However it is not a single reason for cravings to increase. Other reasons for sugar cravings are:

  • Bad gut bacteria overgrowth, that is caused by overeating sugar in the first place

  • Sugar is an addictive substance, that triggers the same brain regions as  drugs

  • Nutrient deficiencies. For example, if you crave chocolate, chances are that this is caused due to magnesium deficiency etc.

If you think you might get cravings because of a cancer and there is some family history regarding cancer growth, do consult with your doc.

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