This device can help you see through walls, know how

The device can show both the depth and location of objects up to four inches or 10 centimeters of concrete or drywall
Device, look, through wall


A new device called Walabot DIY has been developed by an Israel-based 3D-sensor imaging company, Vayyar, which claims that it can tell you what is inside the walls of your house.

The device uses 3D imaging technology to see through drywall, cement, and other materials to determine the location of pipes, wires, and even rodents’ nests, popularmechanics.com reported.

“It can help the blind avoid obstacles,” Vayyer CEO and co-founder Raviv Melamed was quoted as saying.


It can “sense – and alert you – if your mother or father has fallen in the shower, help your robot become autonomous, and much more”, Melamed added.

The $200 Walabot currently works with Android phones only. It is a phone-sized block that attaches magnetically to its host-smartphone, pulls power from the phone’s Micro-USB port and functions with the help of an accompanying app.