This way Audi's traffic light recognition system indicates how long you can text

Some people say 'Audi is solving problems, that doesn't exist'.

This way Audi

Connected signals has been working out an app "Enlighten" that gets traffic data from city's traffic management system and helps the user drive in a speed to avoid red lights and thereby reduce fuel consumption and of course lower the frustration of waiting at the signals.

Coming to Audi, the automobile giant has been into research in this domain for pretty long tracking long from travolution project

.The US Department of Transportation is planning to invest millions of dollars           over decades to connect vehicles with traffic signals by installing Dedicated  Short-Range Communication (DSRC) hardware in vehicles and traffic infrastructure.

Dedicated short-range communications are one-way or two-way short-range to medium-range wireless communication channels specifically designed for automotive use and a corresponding set of protocols and standards that use 75 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9 GHz band allocated to intelligent transport systems by the United States Federal Communications Commission(FCC).The data transfer is 3Mbps to 27 Mbps speed.. There is a test bed in Michigan with DSRC enabled traffic signals. The approximate cost of DSRC infrastructure is said to be $350.