Tintu Luka's family exposes PT Usha, says her training center is a business center

Family of athlete Tintu Luka comes up with strong allegations against Usha School of Athletics, an athletic training center run by PT Usha. Joyichan, Tintu�s uncle and local guardian, is of the opinion that Usha is running more of a business than a training center

Tintu Luka

Family of athlete Tintu Luka alleged that the training center of PT Usha is actually a business center . Quality of training given to Tintu is not up to standards; no doctor is available and Homeo medicine has been given in case of ill health; Usha earns crores of money through her institute.

Family of athlete Tintu Luka came up with strong allegations against Usha School of Athletics, an athletic training center run by PT Usha. Joyichan, Tintu’s uncle and local guardian, is of the opinion that Usha is running a business rather than a training center. Tintu’s parents who are of the same opinion added that Usha failed to make any improvement in the performance of Tintu Luka as an athlete.

‘Usha School of Business’

The financial support that Usha receives is under the shadow of Corporate Social Responsibility given by corporate giants. She established the training center with the help of companies like Infosys. Usha School also has the facility to sponsor the expenses of an athlete for a month or more for which tax exemption is available under section 80G. Every government that comes to power turns a blind eye for Usha school.

Here, it is the athletes who are struggling in Usha School. No good quality gymnasium, tracks or swimming pools are available in the training center. Furthermore, it is also said that Usha is swooping the money granted to athletes. Any amount less than one lakh given to Tintu in the name of sponsorship or award will allegedly go to Usha School.

Usha will also grab 25% of money above one lakh in the name of coaching fee, said Joyichan. Above all, Rs 7000 rupees should be given as hostel fees every month. Though she was not peevish about the hostel fees in the beginning, she made that amount her right after Tintu got a job in railways.

Joyichan affirms that Usha is into pure business. There are organizations like Athletic Federation who contribute money for training and other needs for athletes. An amount of 700 rupees per day granted to Tintu (Tintu is not aware of its details) is received by Usha since a long time through which she garners two lakh rupees per year.

A sports teacher at the facility (name not disclosed as per request) revealed to Narada News that Usha’s wealth is in crores. "Every month she gets lakhs of rupees from different sources. She also has received crores of rupees from corporate social responsibility funds," the sports teacher added.

As there is no proper audit of accounts for these kinds of charity funds, Usha continues to be an unquestioned millionaire like human gods, he stated. There are rumors in Calicut that Usha has assets of at least Rs 250 crore. Funds are handled by PT Usha and her husband V Sreenivasan and Co-founder P A Ajanachandran is also aware of the accounts, it was revealed. There are trustees including MPs and MLAs, but all are only in documents.

Rights denied to athletes

Many opined to Narada News that the rules of Usha School deny basic rights to athletes. Tintu’s parents are not allowed to talk to their daughter. Tintu has no mobile phone. Parents and relatives can talk to her only once in a week, that too at a specified time. Very rarely Tintu was allowed to visit her home, that too for a day and night maximum. Usha never allows her to share personal matters to parents. Luka, Tintu’s father said that his daughter is good at studies. In spite of busy training and schedules she graduated with first class. But, we all saw her struggling to answer the questions asked by media in English when she won medals in national meets. There is no training for personality development of soft skills in Usha's school. Even a sports magazine is not available there, Joyichan told Narada News.

Usha – Dronacharya who cuts the thumb of her pupil?

A media person (name not disclosed as per request) who has information about the goings on at PT Usha's facility while speaking to Narada News revealed that there are no facilities of international standard in the school. Coaching centers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are open to media. But, in Usha school it is like some sort of secret training is going on there, he stated. In spite of winning so many medals and achievements, Usha never allowed Tintu to talk to media alone. Usha always wants to keep Tintu under her command , the mediaperson said.

Tintu’s family opined that Usha is a prig. She always claims that she is the one who found and nurtured Tintu. But, in reality, Tintu’s parents too have sports background. Luka was a Volleyball player and athlete. Usha always likes to hide it because she doesn’t like someone to grow above her shoulder even though it is her student, it has been alleged.

He gave the analogy that Usha was asking for Tintu’s thumb like Dronacharya by giving heavy training to her during Olympics while Tintu was suffering from cold and fever. Usha never attempted to teach running techniques. Her intention is to grow Tintu as a brand for her training center. Usha also has plans to use Tintu as a trainer in her school, said Joyichan to Narada News.

No doctor for an international athlete!

Can you believe that an athlete who is a medal chance of India at the Olympics has no physiotherapist? It is true in the case of Tintu. Her parents have to bring medicine from Kannur in case of fever or cold! A few days before Olympics when Tintu got fever, it was her mother who went to a homeo doctor and handed over the medicines to Usha School as asked by the authorities at the facility. Where else can we find an athlete medicated for assumed symptoms and ready to get into the track?

Tintu’s family also revealed to Narada News that the diet of Tintu in Usha School is the same given to beginners in the school. She is not receiving nutrition that should be given to a teenager.

Unscientific training and boasting

Another sports teacher said to Narada News that the athletes who join Usha school are of high standing and it is only their usual performance that Usha shows as the result of her school. We are witnessing only the normal performance of Tintu the athlete. Earlier, the then sports minister  K B Ganesh Kumar had said that athletes including Tintu need better training. Ganesh Kumar was abused for his statement and no word is allowed to make against Usha, the sports teacher added.

Usha claims that Tintu has been given the training method of Maria Mutola, the legendary athlete. This method is to maintain the lead since the beginning. We all saw that Tintu who finishes earliest in the first lap goes behind in the later laps. Since this method proved to be unpractical for Tintu, what will be the motivation of Usha to continue it and take Tintu to Olympics?

It is a problem faced by Tintu to lose confidence when one or two competitors push her back on track. It is Usha’s failure that she is unable to fix this issue with Tintu, Joyichan said.

What happened to Tintu should not be repeated

Tintu joined Usha School in 2001. She was alienated from her parents for a long 15 years. It was a duration of life imprisonment that Tintu went through. We allowed everything for her dream of an Olympics medal, said Tintu’s parents. Now they are realizing that it was her teenage and a good share of youthful life that was taken away along with the hope of an Olympic medal. This should not happen to anyone else, the world should know the real Usha, Joyichan said.

Tintu is completely under the control of Usha. Usha brain-washed her stating instances of sexual harassments by male teacher and drug usage by foreign trainers to keep her in the facility. Enough is enough. Let our people know about it all, Joyichan, Tintu’s uncle concluded.

When Narada News tried for an appointment with Usha to get her version on the story, we were not allowed to meet her and later said that Usha is out of station.