Top educational iPad games you can download for kids

There are a lot of iPad games for kids out there, lets split them into two categories: 1. Educational - Games that provide some valuable learning experience to my child 2. Casual Fun - Games that offer some harmless fun, to entertain kids for a few minutes

Top educational iPad games you can download for kids

'Monkey Preschool LunchBox' a game that's available for all, iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Trains children memory and rewards with virtual stickers. Easy to play and attractive for kids that age. Non violent at all.

Lipa Eggs which got awarded at the European Conference on Game-Based Learning this year. Lipa Eggs is 4 - 6 years and works towards developing design and creativity. It teaches children how to combine colors, but it lets them do it at their own pace. my daughter is currently 5 and this is her favourite game, hands down. I don't say it as means of self promotion. She spends a lot of time drawing and painting so I guess the game suits her.

Preschool Explorer, is a cutle little game about preschool life.  but at the same time it helps me to play with my kid and about his preschool routine. Its quite amazing to see how he actually talks about what happens during the day.  It could be also beneficial for preschool or kindergaten preperation

Kids Educational Game is best for kids (toddler) learning in the beginning age.

Kids Educational Game is a free learning game for your kids, toddlers and baby. It’s a simple but powerful way to teach your toddler. Begin teaching your child to read truly with showing pictures and shape. Your Baby can actually learn to read Alphabet, Digit, Counting, Tables, Colors Name, followers Name, etc. This Educational Game will raise confidence and make your kid creative.

This game is ideal for every kids, children and parents to playing and enjoy together. Every ideal beloved parents with children can enjoy playing this game.


Cursive alphabets capital and small letters

Number Counting

Tables Learning

Flowers Name

Educational charts

Colors Name

Fruits Name

Toon Goggles - On-Demand Entertainment for Kids.

It features over a thousand hours of on demand cartoons from all around the world and nearly 100 on demand games.  It has the largest and most diverse collection of short form cartoons that any other service in the world.

Unlike some of the larger streaming services, its 100% kid-safe and parent-friendly so kids can't be watching a cartoon and then jump to an adult rated show!

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