Twitter Reacts to Ellen DeGeneres' Comment on Usain Bolt

Ellen DeGeneres has gotten herself into a bit of trouble on Twitter after passing a comment about Usain Bolt. She has defended herself saying she's not racist.

Twitter Reacts to Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres the famous television personality from the Ellen DeGeneres Show, is known for her humour and the sincere public services that she has volunteered for, time and again. She has welcomed and entertained many celebrities and renowned personalities on her show. Some of them were trending to the point that they received global viewership.

She has also had the Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt, on her show where she, Usain and a little fan of his spent some really good time together. As a part of Ellen's show, as she encourages public personalities to show case their talent, she had pit Usain up against the little boy who claimed to be his "biggest fan", for a race.

After Usain Bolt's performance in Rio Olympics 2016, where he was recorded to have covered a 100 meters race in 9.81 seconds, Ellen did what she does best and posted a joke on twitter where she was riding on his back and commented that that was how she was going to run her "errands from now on".

As hilarious as she thought it would be, her joke backfired and to her dismay, many Twitteratis accused her of being racist. Some bluntly abused her and some called her joke "racist garbage".

After receiving many insults and being accused of racism, she took to social media to defend her self and make sure to tell her followers that she is not racist.

The silver lining was that many of her fans supported her and highlighted that she did not mean it as a racist comment as much as she meant that "she'd get things done faster" by riding on the back of a man as fast as Usain Bolt.