Twitter Reacts to Shobhaa De's Criticism of Indian Olympic Team

Shobhaa De took to Twitter to criticise the Indian athletes' performance at the Olympics and Tweeters did not take it well.

Twitter Reacts to Shobhaa De

The Indian team, unfortunately didn't perform well at the Rio Olympics causing heart breaks for over 1 billion population. Apart from the gymnast, Dipa Karmakar's performance, the Olympics didn't have much hopes for the strong Indian contingent.

Back home, their abysmal performance didn't go well with all especially in the media. Renowned media personality Shobhaa De, who is also a popular columnist and a writer took to social media to severely criticise and insult the Indian team. However, her attacks have ignited fire among the people and tweeterati was not going to keep mum.

Common men and athletes, alike, publicly revolted on Twitter, against Shobhaa De's dig at the Indian Olympic's team. Even Abhinav Bindra had something to say to this columnist, to teach her a lesson on sportsmanship and team spirit. There were also many counter-reactions that she received by people, criticising her novels and commenting on the work she has done. Some express that she is not worthy of commenting on other people's success and failure given her image in the society. Although, shaming is not the way to go,  to get back and counter-react to an issue irrespective of the absurdity of the situation at hand.

This is what Shobhaa De had tweeted on her account:

Here are excerpts from Twitter, displaying the outrage in people for the comment made by Shobha De:
This is Abhinav Bindra's response to her Tweet:

Here some others who have responded to her unpleasant comment:

Although the self proclaimed "opinion-shaper" received much backlash on twitter she told News18 that she has no regrets and stands by her statement, "I stand by my tweet. Players are entitled to their opinion, I was not referring to any particular player."

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