UAE to Have The Longest Zip Line in The World

Yet again, UAE is all set to break a record. This time it's going to be the longest zipline.

UAE to Have The Longest Zip Line in The World

So, lets make peace with the fact that UAE is never going to put a halt on its 'record-breaking' spree. Perhaps one day we'll wake up to the news that UAE has broken the record of breaking records, or has that already happened?

In any case, lately, extreme adventures such as sky diving, ice and jet skiing, fly boarding and dune bashing have started to emerge as somewhat of modern-day UAE culture. Time and again we have seen the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan's pictures where he is seen to be sky diving and zip lining through Dubai Mall's fountain. His famous selfie at the top most point of Burj Khalifa is quite an iconic one.

Once again, UAE has declared that it is going to break another record and construct the longest zip line in Ras Al Khaimah. The zip line is going to be on Jabal Jais, which is the highest mountain range in UAE. This project is expected to be completed and functioning by April 2017.

The Ras Al Khaimah Tourism and Development Authorities have said that this thrilling ride is going to be as long as 2.6 km. Along with zip lining, RAK has also decided to work on via ferrata. The authorities are looking forward to increase tourism in Ras Al Khaimah by attracting travellers with passion for extreme sports and those with an adventurous take on life.

Via ferrata are cables made of steel which run along the mountains. Climbers hook their harnesses with these steel wires and proceed to climb. With these upcoming extreme sports activities, the Emirate can expect local as well as international tourism.

As of now, the longest zip line is 'Zip 2000' at Sun City in South Africa. Some of the best via ferret routs in the world are in Italy, China and Utha. This is approximately where, both, the zip line and via ferrata tracks are going to be.