UAE Wins First Olympic Medal in 12 years

Sergiu Toma earns UAE its second ever Olympic medal, at 2016 Rio Olympics

UAE Wins First Olympic Medal in 12 years

Its a glorious day for UAE as their judoka, Sergiu Toma, secures a bronze medal in Under 81kgs Judo contest, after pinning down Italy's Matteo Marconcini.

This is UAE's second Olympic Medal, ever. The first was received in 2004 by Shaikh Ahmad Bin Hasher Al Maktoum who won a gold medal for double trap shooting at Athens Olympics.

It wasn't an easy win for Toma. The 29 year old had been knocked down several times through out the match but he managed to get up every time. Toma made sure to get ahead of his opponent. Earlier today, when Toma entered the stadium he stayed calm and composed but his posture was enough to convey that he was here to win. As soon as he got into the rim, he threw one fist after another, even though he was served with a few punches himself, he put up a tough fight.

After winning a bronze, Sergiu Toma had an emotional moment. He had tears of joy as he welled up. This was perhaps his last opportunity to win at the Olympics and he gave it his all. Local newspaper 
snapped a picture of him as he broke into tears after his victory.

Toma has been participating in Olympics for three consecutive years. He first competed in 2008 Beijing Olympics under the category of Under 75kgs Judo competitions, where he lost his first round to  David Kevkhishvili from Georgia. He was also a part of the 2012 London Olympics and competed in Under 81kgs Judo segment, where he performed better than the last time and made it to the third round, but he was defeated by the Japanese judoka, Takahiro Nakai, in the third round.

Many UAE based newspaper recorded this historical moment. A local reporter from Sport360° posted a clip of his victory moment, as he pumps his fist onto his chest.

The reported also posted a picture of him, posing with other Judo champions.

The UAE government has also posted clips of Toma receiving the medal.