University of Idaho Adds Pokémon GO to its Syllabus

Pok�mon GO has taken the world by storm ever since its arrival and now, it becomes a part of the academic syllabus of the University of Idaho

University of Idaho Adds Pokémon GO to its Syllabus

University of Idaho in United States recently introduced Pokémon GO as a part of their academic syllabus for the course of pop culture games. The tutor of this course, in the department of movement science, Steven Bird, says that the students will be made to play this game as a group activity to encourage physical activity and team work. He conveys that it is far more beneficial than it seems.

The sentiments of nostalgia attached to the game and the platform is enough to engage the players and push them to undertake activities they would refrain from doing, otherwise.

Pokémon is not the only game that is a part of this mind-blowing course. Games such as Human Vs Zombies are also embedded into the syllabus to promote an active lifestyle and bonding among friends and family. While playing such games, students are made to interact and participate in cult-classic mobile phone games.

The chairman of the Movement of Science Department, Philip Scruggs, explains "It’s a great way to engage youth through adults, and a great way to engage families in active games together. Our interest is to turn folks into an active lifestyle, and that can be achieved in endless ways."

However, smart phone games are not the only uncommon subjects to be embedded into academics. Here are some really random courses that have been introduced into universities:

1.Game of Thrones Course in University of Virginia 

Watch or read one of the most famous modern day story written by R.R. Martin and you've just become eligible to earn a few extra credits.

2.Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion from Stonehenge to Harry Potter 
at Oberlin College 

Learn about all of those things mentioned above and Harry Potter! Hear all Potter heads and magicians alike, head to London and have a magical academic experience.

3. The Art of Walking in Centre College 

This course studies walking as an important mode of transportation which is being seldom used due to the new-age transportation facilities. It also covers the aspect of beauty and nature that goes unnoticed because of preference for other modes of transportation to walking.

4. Selfie Class at University of Southern California 

Need I say anything else? The course and the demand for it is self explanatory.

5. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse- Disaster, Catastrophe and Human Behaviour in Michigan State University 

Yup! This course prepares you for Zombie Apocalypse. It also teaches you the behaviour of human beings during catastrophes and why some perform better in the battle of survival.