US presidential elections: Ugly Truth about Donald Trump and His History of Rape Cases

The Republican US presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been accused of many things - being a womanizer and rapist are some of the charges against him. Here is an account of the history of rape charges against him.

US presidential elections: Ugly Truth about Donald Trump and His History of Rape Cases

There have been allegations from many against Republican nominee Donald Trump's poor moral record, when he announced his bid for the US Presidential race.

In one of his interviews, Trump himself had admitted that he had affairs with many women. It is a fact that his divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump, was a nasty one because he cheated her as he was having a secret affair with his then mistress, and later wife, Marla Maples. Donald married Marla two months after she gave birth to their daughter. That marriage too, fell through later. Following that, Trump immersed himself in a series of orgies with countless numbers of women and earned the much-deserved title of a womaniser.

In fact, history tells us that many ambitious women were eager to be with this real estate tycoon, when he was at the peak of his career. Perhaps, this changed Donald’s perspective of himself and he believed all women were after him, as claimed by one of his victims.

There are two known incidents of rape charges against him, one of them alleged by his former wife, Ivana Trump. She claimed that she felt “violated” while they were involved in sexual activities. She had accused him of rape but had later went on to convey that she did not mean in it in a ‘criminal sense.’

Jill Harth (left) and Donald Trump (centre)

[caption id="attachment_302382" align="alignnone" width="300"]Jill Harth (left) and Donald Trump (centre) Jill Harth (left) and Donald Trump (centre)[/caption]

The other victim was a make-up artist, Jill Harth, who recently revealed The Guardian Newspaper about Donald Trump's attempt to rape her. She stated that he initially began to touch her private parts when they first met in 1992. A year later, when he invited Harth, her husband and other contestants of a beauty pageant to his property at the Palm Beach in Florida, he made his first advances towards her. She said, “that is when he pulled me aside...” she went on to say that “he made another sexually aggressive move” as he pushed her up against the wall and tried to touch her and reach under her dress while her husband was in the next room.

[caption id="attachment_302383" align="alignnone" width="300"]Source: CNN Source: CNN[/caption]

These are the stories that managed to come into the limelight. While there are many more rumours of his his sexual orgies but they are yet to be confirmed. Although, Trump is not the only presidential candidate who has had a nasty past. His rival, Hillary Clinton is reported to have defended a man who had raped a 12-year-old girl.

It might come as surprising for all of us, as Hillary Clinton, who claims to be a staunch supporter of women’s rights, was once the person behind letting free a pedophile person, from all charges.

The silver lining was that, the judge who was hearing the case, Mr. Gibson, has conveyed that Hillary doesn't want to be the rapist’s defendant, but she was forced to take up the case. However, some statements made by her  later reject all those allegations. In her book Living History, she claimed that this case, instead inspired her to initiate a rape hotline, CNN reported.