Useful Apps For Fitness Freaks Who Are Always On The Move

Here is a list of some handy apps for all those who wish to keep in shape even when they're travelling

Fitness is of utmost importance. Not just to stay with physically, but also to stay healthy. But hitting the gym, sometimes, becomes somewhat of a task especially when you’re frequently travelling. Well, in this day and age, technology has something in store for all of us. Here are a few apps that eliminate the need of going to the gym and help you work out. And no you can’t use the vacay excuse anymore.


  1. Nike+ Training Club

Price: Free



It doesn’t get better than following workout schedules and training plans given by professional trainers and athletes, themselves. This app is available on Android and iOS. It is a rather interactive portal for all those who need that extra push.


  1. Sworkit

Price: Free


Personalised videos for yoga, cardio, stretching and strength. This has been rated number 1 fitness app by the America College of Sports Medicine, on the basis of parameters for safety, progression, stretching and more. This, too, is available on both, Android and iOS.


  1. Map My Run

Price: Free


If you’re not the one for indoor workouts, yay for you! Now you can work out and have a good look at the places you visit. This app would, as the name suggests, maps your run, it keeps a track of the distance you covered and the calories your lost. Also, you won’t get lost. Both, Android and iOS users may avail the benefits of this free bliss.


  1. Runkeeper

Price: Free


Similar to Map My Run, this to is a real time app keeps track of your surroundings, the distance covered. You don’t necessarily be on your feet, you can even cycle and the Runkeeper would work its magic.


  1. Shape Travelista

Price: $2


What’s better that working out in your own hotel room before heading for the day’s tour? This app offers cardio as well as strength workout routine. It lets you record your daily work out schedule. It also has a variety of exercises that can be done anywhere.