Vaginal wash for women is not good for health if not done properly

Using feminine wash on daily basis can cause imbalance to the region. Know how to properly use vagina wash products ....

Vaginal wash for women is not good for health if not done properly

Intimate wash is known to keep the feminine area fresh and clean. But how often do you use them? Do you think using vagina wash on a daily basis makes you a hygienic person?

Know the mistakes you have been doing and use it in the right way.

  1. The wash is for the exterior region only. Female sex organ cleans by itself and do not require much of intimate washes. Cleaning the interior of the private part is actually harmful and it is always advised to clean around only since the skin there is very sensitive.

  2. Imbalance of Bacteria. You may think that washing will keep you clean and bacteria free. Truth is that washing the interior regions causes imbalance by getting rid of the good bacteria that usually blocks the infections.

  3.  Not all soaps and gels are meant to wash your private parts. Women using shower gels or soaps in intimate regions are higher at risk of inviting sexually transmitted infections. Using ordinary soaps or washes gives a way to harmful bacteria. This when the pain, odor, abnormal discharge, infection etc develops.

  4. Use your hands. The skin is sensitive and very delicate. Do not make use of gloves, sponges or any kind of material to wash there.

  5. Hot water is the best. The best wash to your feminine parts would be hot water. Many gynecologist also suggest the same. If you still want to go ahead with the idea of washing your lady parts then use a mild intimate wash.

  6. Front to back. This is  the direction you must use the toilet paper or towel that you use for drying so that you avoid spreading the bacteria from the anus to the front. Continuing this way of using toilet paper can avoid bladder infections or any sort of serious mishaps.

  7. Avoid direct running water. Let the water flow down from top. Do not directly focus water to your interiors and let the bacteria enter you.