Video: Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal's bold scenes in the song Pyaar Manga Hai

Pyaar Manga Hai, one of Kishore Kumar�s ever green hits is going to be now strictly for Adults! Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal feature in this steamy song sung by Armaan Malik.

Video: Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal

T-Series' latest single 'Pyaar Manga Hai', sung by Armaan Malik is going to be erotic and seductive. Lately, we have heard many Kishore Kumar hit songs like- Aaj Phir Tumpe (Hate Story 2), Tumhein Apna Banane Ka (Hate Story 3) and the album Dheere Dheere Se (YO YO Honey Singh). This trending song has crossed all limits and is not recommended to be watched by all. It contains Zareen Khan and Ali Fazal’s steamy scenes in the video. You read that right!

The song displays striking locales of Georgia. The video shows the two stars kissing each other in different locations. The last part of this bold love-making scene is strictly for adults. It is one of the most steamy Hindi song videos released so far. Armaan Malik‘s voice is as very melodious as ever.

In an interview given to an online portal, the young talent was excited to bring the super hit song in its new version for the new generation. "It is an old classic song by Kishore Kumar, and me and Neeti Mohan are doing it together. It's awesome that now the new generation gets to hear these songs. "Some of us don't even know that this song existed. So it's important that the youth gets the taste of these songs in a new way. Because they should know what kind of golden melodies were made in the past."

"Many of my pals don't know that this song existed. And even if someone asks them to listen to this song, they will disconnect it," he told IBTimes. "But if it is presented in a new way, I think people will have a chance to listen to the melodies and fall in love with them again." Armaan explains.

While asked about the chemistry of the leads, "I really like Ali Fazal and his acting, and Zareen Khan is a favourite of mine because she had featured in one of my songs, 'Wajah Tum Ho.' So to see both of them coming together for my single is pretty interesting," he said.

This song is definitely not for family audience viewing. You will wish to disappear from the room if your elders walk in while watching this video.