VK Singh tried to block my promotion using false charges: Army Chief Dalbir Singh

Dalbir Singh had taken the same stand against VK Singh before the Armed Forces Tribunal in 2012
General VK Singh, General Dalbir Singh

General Dalbir Singh, Chief of Army Staff, has accused  General (retired) VK Singh of “blocking his promotion with mysterious design and malafide intent, according to a report in The Indian Express.

According to the report, the General has submitted an affidavit in his personal capacity to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

General Dalbir Singh has said that in 2012 “I was sought to be victimised by the then COAS” General V K Singh “with the sole purpose of denying me promotion to the appointment of Army Commander”.

“False, baseless and imaginary allegations of lapses were levelled against me in the show cause notice” of May 19, 2012 and consequent imposition of an “illegal” discipline and vigilance (DV) ban, Dalbir Singh stated in his affidavit, as per the media report.

The affidavit in question here is filed as a response to a litigation initiated by Lieutenant (Retired) General Dastane alleging favouritism in appointment of General Dalbir Singh as army chief.

YK Singh, who is the Union Minister of State for External Affairs, has not responded to the allegations.