Robin Hood Army: Mission to feed 5 lakh hungry mouths on Independence Day

Volunteer-based organisation Robin Hood Army collects surplus food from hotels, restaurants and individuals and distributes it among the needy

Robin Hood Army: Mission to feed 5 lakh hungry mouths on Independence Day

Underpreviledge KidSporting green T-shirts, young and vibrant volunteers of a Samaritan group has start out to feed homeless, elderly and mostly hungry people in India and neighbor Pakistan to make sure that they don’t go to bed hungry on this year’s Independence Day.

Robin Hood Army, a volunteer-based organisation, started to feed hungry people by collecting surplus food from hotels, restaurants and individuals ever since it was founded in 2014. This year, the group has planned a target to feed 5 lakh people on the special occasion of Independence Day celebration.

Dividing places into chapters for better functioning, the group is giving their selfless services to many cities and towns across the country.

In the National Capital Region, the humanitarian group, as part of the mission, has planned to feed more than 85, 000 hungry mouths in the cities - Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida and Delhi on this Sunday and Monday.

The volunteers’ group has four chapters in Delhi, which they have dubbed as North, West, South and West Delhi chapter, and more than 250 people are actively working for the cause.

India is home to 194.6 million undernourished people, the highest in the world, according to the annual report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015.

“It would be 21 cities in India and Karachi. We plan to feed around 5 lakh people in both countries together. We have figured out many locations such as railway stations, slums, old age homes, we will cover these places during our drive,” says Rahul Chhabra, who is a volunteer of Robin Hood Army in Delhi chapter.

Asked how restaurants partners react when they asked food for the cause, Chhabra narrates, “ Like what we wish, they also want to eliminate hunger. We have come across many restaurants, most of them are very co-operative, leaving a few. We asked for surplus food only, but fortunately, most of them provide us fresh food instead.

“They are very open to the cause, they are very supportive. Some restaurants even provide us contacts of other restaurants also”.

The volunteers distribute foods to the needy every weekend. They have a common meeting nodal points, where they all meet after gathering foods from eateries. There, they chart out where they would go to distribute those foods for the day and head out to the selected zone.

Around 50 active Robinhoods are all set to embark for the I-Day event in Greater Noida and its adjoining areas.Underpreviledge Kid

“We will distribute foods on the occasion in places- AVJ Heights area, Mathurapur, Biraundi Village and many others. We will prepare Khichdi (fried rice) with raw materials we get from donations and food partners for 14 August distribution,” says Kuldeep Choudhary, a volunteer working actively in Greater Noida.

“We have collected around 700 kg of rice and vegetables to prepare foods for the two days. We will request foods such as biscuits, breads, fruits from friends and relatives, and deliver to selected areas along with fried rice on 15 August,” Choudhary added.

Deepti Bhuie, another volunteer, said 50 volunteers will serve foods to around 10,000 people on the occasion of Independence Day in Greater Noida area.

"We always try to provide high quality foods. After collecting from our food partners, our volunteers first check the quality of the foods before being distributed to the needy," Deepti, who is a professor by profession, explains.

In Faridabad chapter, twenty volunteers will distribute food to one thousand people as part of the initiative.

"Our chapter is targeting 1000 people. We have only two-three restaurant onboard in Faridabad. We have targeted our locations according to the food that we get from restaurants here,” Rohit Virmani, another volunteer from Faridabad, tells  

Volunteers, terming the initiative a “selfless service for humanity”, said engaging in the group make them feel proud as they are lending hands to those who are in need. Many of them hope that thousands, like them, would join the "army" and help them in the battle, which is against HUNGER.