Want a glowing face? Include these in your diet...

Want to have a fresh and glowing face? Then do not forget to include these food as part of your daily menu.

Want a glowing face? Include these in your diet...

Here is some tips on how to improve your looks by having a fresh and ever-glowing face. Adopting these, tips will help you to have a fresh and cheerful face, which will also boost your confidence and help you to face the world up-front, So, why wait...make these healthy food part of your daily diet now itself. It will come in along way to have an ever-glowing face for you.




Like them or hate them, you cannot deny the fact that they are one of the prominent food for your skin. Consuming any food with tomato such as ketchup or tomato juice can help in clearing up acne. Lycopene, present in tomatoes, reduces acne boosting hormones. It improves the skin’s antioxidant properties and fights off wrinkles.



They have the highest source of malic acid, which is extracted from apples. These acids are known to be healthy. Malic acid is gentle and soother than many other acids used in beauty treatments. Malic acid also helps to renew skin cells without causing any damage to the skin and promotes healthy, firm and fresh looking skin. Eating an apple everyday will make your skin glow from within. The high fiber in this fruit wipes out the colon and boost bowel movements and make your skin always look pimple-free.

Tender coconut


It is necessary to stay hydrated all the time, as water is the integral sustaining element of life. Coconut water is flavored and naturally sweet. It benefits the skin and hair. They are natural body coolers. It makes the skin supple and keeps it hydrated. It promotes blood circulation.

Green tea


Green tea fights acne and decreases the hormones that produces acne. Drinking three to five cups of green tea daily will benefit your skin and hair as well. It calms your bowel movements and reduces acne.



This fruit is loaded with astringent properties that makes your skin firm and glowing. It has anti-aging properties that help in getting younger and healthier skin. It is also rich in vitamin E, which will diminish the wrinkles, minimize skin spots and strengthen the skin. Experts say that the antioxidants in guava correct the damage caused by Sun and helps in blocking damage to the skin cells.