Want to become a Genius? Turn lazy

Recent studies reveal that the capacity of thinking is higher in lazy people than in the active ones.

Want to become a Genius? Turn lazy

If you’re lazy or are easily bored, well, here’s something you can show off to all those who criticise you for being so, A research conducted by Florida Gulf Coast suggests that lazy lads and lasses have a relatively higher IQ level than those with active bodies and minds.

This study is rather contradictory to the age-old phrase “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, it’s actually a genius’s workshop. It is based on the theory that an inactive person with an ideal mind has more time at hands for his or her thoughts to run wild and come up with innovative ideas. While those with highly active lifestyles have their minds occupied in everyday activities for new thoughts to sprout.

Led by Todd McElroy, the research to analyse the “need for cognition”. The questionnaire prepared posed to statements for the participants to pick from. These statements that had to be rated, according to the preferences of the participants, were, “I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions to problems” and “I only have to think as hard as I have to.”

After having conducted the survey, 30 people from each of the groups were chosen to conduct further research. These 30 “thinkers” and “non-thinkers” were given a device to be worn for 7 days which recorded their activities. Through this it was revealed that more subjects from the “thinkers’” community were recorded to be less active, where as it was the opposite for the “non-thinkers’” community.

This study has received much criticism for two main reasons. Firstly, the population on which the research has been conducted on is too small to be implied to the entire human race. Secondly, some physicians and doctors believe that even though inactivity may result in higher IQ, it is not a healthy lifestyle for people in the long run, as the human body requires movement and activity to function healthily.