Ways to Prepare your own makeup remover

Adopt these natural makeup removers, which are easy and cheap and the best..

Ways to Prepare your own makeup remover

Make-up removers are expensive and we have to search for the best one in the market as it should match our skin type. We need to look for removers having low chemical and alcohol content. Most of them are very too expensive compared to the make-up applied on our face. Here are some of the removers that you may prepare on your own.

Coconut oil cleanser

Most of us have coconut oil in our kitchen.  Both hair or cooking oil can be used on face. You do not have to heat it or add anything to it. If the oil is in a solid state, you can liquidize it. Take a cotton swab, dip it and clear off the make-up. This applies not only for the eye make-up or face but even for the lips too.

Milk cleanser

Milk is good for our skin and much better than that of those chemicals you use to get rid of your make-up. Thousands of years ago, milk baths were common. The fats and protein in milk, help to hydrate and allow your skin to maintain the moisture. Use of milk in makeup removal is simple, quick and cheap than buying any removers. Add a tablespoon of almond oil to a bowl of milk and massage it all over your face with a soft cloth or cotton swab. This will remove the makeup from your face and keeps it moisturized.


Yogurt is good for your skin because it has a numerous health properties. Using yogurt on your skin helps to moisturize and refresh skin. It is the best remedy for sunburns. A cotton swab must be dipped into some yogurt and rub gently all over your face in a circular motion. Rinse off with normal water.


Avocado oil is a common ingredient in most of the natural makeup removers. Use actual avocado fruit rather than the make-up remover that contains this oil.  They are brilliant and pretty good at removing makeup, especially the eye make-up. Gently rub it on the green flesh of the fruit. The oil of this fruit helps heavy mascara, eyeliner or shadows to vanish. It improves your eye area too with the goodness of Vitamin E present in it. It is perfect for skin that is sensitive or prone to acne.