What causes back acne and how to cure it

Acne on the back are no different from the ones on our face. But treat them differently. This is how...

What causes back acne and how to cure it

Back acne appears when pores in the skin are clogged with dead skin and oil. It can be on your arms, near the elbows, thighs, upper legs, buttocks and chest. It is similar to the facial acne in symptoms and causes, but it needs to be treated differently. The pores on the back of your skin are likely to get clogged easily as they are larger as compared to the pores on the facial skin.


  • Tight-fitting clothes that makes your skin suffocated.

  • Over-stressed and sensitive

  • Poor digestive system

  • Dry skin

  • Eating unhealthy food

  • Poor hygiene

  • High blood sugar levels


  • Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial cleanser/soap that is generally used for the face. Make sure moisture is retained in the body and not leaves your skin dry like it does to your face.

  • Hit the showers especially after gym work outs or strenuous physical activity. Wash all the conditioner from your hair. We advise you to wash your back after you shampooing and conditioning your hair.

  • Do your laundry more often and check the usage of the detergent and fabric conditioner. Not all fabric conditioner are skin friendly.

  • Moisturize your body and do not leave it dry or too oily. Switch to oil-free lotions.

  • Body scrubs do wonders. DO NOT scrub too hard or you might just end up with an over-drying skin, resulting in the skin producing more oil which in turn causing more breakouts. Use abrasive sponge or a loofah while exfoliating.

  • Do not over expose yourself to the sun's rays. It makes the skin dry and creates dry flaky skin. Ensure that you are using a good sun-screen.

  • Wear cottons, breathable and loosely fitted clothes.

  • Wash your blankets, comforters, and bedclothes often. You may bleach the bed sheets. Bleaching kills the bacteria in the sheets.

  • Use medicated creams on the area before you sleep. Make sure you ask the pharmacist to provide you the cream suitable for your skin.