What Does Your Ear Wax Say About Your Health...

By paying attention to the kind of ear wax that your body produces, you can learn about what's happening with your health. Here are few things that your ear wax can tell about your health.

What Does Your Ear Wax Say About Your Health...

Though it's pretty gross, we can learn a lot about what's happening with our health if we pay attention to the kind of things that our body produces. Like how urine, nasal mucous, poop and saliva warns us of certain health issue, so does our ear wax too. This sticky material inside our ear has high anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and it is up to your body to clean, hydrate and protect the ear canal. It does not allow any foreign material to enter your ear. So, next time pay attention to your ear wax and this would warn you regarding certain ear health related issues. Here are few things that your ear wax can tell about your health.

Watery and light green

If your ear wax is little watery and has a greenish tint, this could be a result of your sweat leaking down to your ears and getting mixed with your ear wax. But if you haven't been sweating and still your ear wax is watery and light green or yellow then be careful as this warns you of an ear infection.

Sticky or dry ear wax

Sticky or dry ear wax has got something to do with your genetics and ancestors. Studies shows that Asians tend to have dryer earwax on the other hand when it comes Africans and Europeans they often have sticky or wet earwax. Researchers have also found that this was a result of genetic adaptation to climatic changes.

Strong smell

This symbolises infection in the middle part of your ear which is also known as chronic otitis media. This condition would lead to a situation where in you feel as if your ear is blocked and you will hear a ringing sound in your ears, you might also face problems of loss of balance.

If it leaks out

Leaking out of your ear wax could indicate an abnormal skin growth as cholesteatoma. This is a cyst-like structure that fills up the ear canal and is full of debris.

It's barely there

If you barely have any ear wax it indicates a very rare and not well understood condition known as keratitis obturans. In this condition ear wax continues to build up in your ear leading to a serious clog. If it's flaky it signifies dying glands.