What food not to eat during menstruation (periods)

Are you feeling bloated, irritated? Eating the right food can relieve you from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) features.

What food not to eat during menstruation (periods)

Eat healthy to have a smooth period. Eating a banana before and during your cycle can avoid cramps and even reduce bloating. Avoid having below mentioned foods during your period. Do retain water level and maintain healthy habits at this time.

Fatty and processed meats

Fatty meat can cause inflammation and pain since the meat is saturated. These saturated fats could even aggravate your pain. So cut intake of sausages, salamis, french fries and all those yummy foods that grab your attention quickly. This does not mean that you cannot eat meat. You may eat lean meat or the healthiest of all, fish.

Caffeine contained foods and Coffee

Caffeine naturally exists in tea, coffee and cocoa beans. It is also found in various diet products and beverages as well. But, caffeine could affect people, leading to irregular periods as well. Caffeine has the ability to worsen your moods, make your sleep miserable and intensify period pain. So better to reduce consuming coffee, energy drinks, black tea, soft drinks and coffee-flavored sweets.



Carbohydrate foods

When it is mentioned above to avoid coffee- flavored sweets, the list can also include fruits and vegetables that are sweet. But only during your periods. Avoid some of these fruits - plums, apricots, kiwis, oranges, pears, carrots, cucumbers, corn and artichokes from your diet. Avoid craving for sugary food.

Alcohol and other beverages

They are loaded with sugars. Be it a diet drink or a sugar-less one, they should be strictly avoided. Caffeine naturally exists in alcohol and beverages. It contributes to irregular periods as well.

Salty food

Avoid and reduce eating fast foods as they add salt content in body and you should just eat it according to the dish only.


Not only they are high in fats but also contain dairy products and sugar. This includes cheese, creams and fatty foods as well.