What your lip color says about your health

Apart from Anemia, the color of your lips can detect much more than you think about your health..

What your lip color says about your health

Purple lines or dark red lip

Do you see lines near your lips and are darker than the surface of your lips? In this case your body might be out of balance. This is a sign telling that your body requires some energetic balance. Spare those busy and hectic schedules, and rebalance it by taking rest and reducing the stress. Pay attention on the food and eat whole grains, carrots, almond, fish and potato and keep your body hydrated.

Green or Purple tinted lips

If you see green and purplish colors on your lips, then you are suffering from heart or respiratory system related problems. This has to be addressed by a medical professional/ doctor.  Even If you spot slightest green or light purple color, do consult with your doctor immediately.

Dark red or blackish lips

Dark lips shows that your digestive system is stressed and loaded..a lot! Eat congee, yogurt and sweet potatoes to clean your stomach. Drink warm water, you may also squeeze lemon juice. Avoid eating processed and junk food. Your digestive system needs to be fine. Include vegetables, pickled vegetables, fiber rich foods and fruits.

Bright red lips

Red lips can also be got by bad breath or your food cravings. Here, your liver and spleen are trying to indicate you. Eat bitter foods like bitter gourd that can cleanse your liver. Drink dandelion tea and bitter melon. Celery and honey are also advantageous. Sleep early at nights.

Pale pink, white, or grey lips

If your lips are pale and dull in color you are lacking iron rich foods. Eat red meat, dark green and leafy vegetables,grains, dates. Warm up your system by eating warm foods to increase your energy levels. Also, ask your doctor to do a blood test for anemia.