Which Apple iPad is the right one for you

All iPads from iPad 2 to the newest are coming with slight difference on features. They have better in some specific things like: camera, screen, speed, size, don't get caught by marketing, just think for what are you gonna use it, gaming, graphic design, architecture or taking photos.

Which Apple iPad is the right one for you

Deciding on a new ipad can be difficult, specially when there are so many versions available, lets go through the main questions whilst making a choice.

First,3G/ 4G or wifi only??
There is no point on getting a 3G/4G version ipad  because there is always your phone with you and you can always tether the internet to your iPad and plus maintaining a separate sim just for internet makes no sense, so wifi does the job just as much.

Second, How much memory would you need??
Never go for a 16gb version because with an ipad you would obviously love to carry your music, books and movies around which is practically impossible on the base version. Go for atleast a 32 gb and if your pocket allows a 64gb version.

Third, how much of a gamer are you ?
If you love detailed graphics, rich content gaming, then go for the latest iPad with the most powerful graphics and super fast performance to keep up to the latest games without a long load time or a lag in the experience.

Fourth, Display size and screen type??
After so many versions of iPad launches and going forward, technically Apple will be launching at least 2 every year. So would recommend you to go for is the one with the Retina screens, there is a huge difference in the display and it blatantly makes all the difference.The size of the screen is a personal choice, in terms of performance both iPad and iPad mini perform equally well. iPad mini would be recommended if a person travels a lot and is a avid reader because it is less bulky and iPad with bigger screen is recommended if you love playing more games and use your iPad to watch most of your movies and videos.

Fifth,Which iPad has the best battery??
The iPad air has the best battery in the bigger version iPads it's a good 8820 MAH and the in the iPad mini series the iPad mini 3 has the best battery 6471 MAH.

So now that we have answered most of the important questions lets get to the recommendations:-

If you want a big screen go for the iPad Air
- Great screen(same as the Air 2), processor benchmarks against the air 2 wont be noticed in daily usage unless you are a developer.
Battery is better than the Air 2
Best part it is alot cheaper than the Air 2.

If you travel alot and read and play on the go - i would recommend the ipad mini 3
-best battery in the mini series (better than the latest version)
- same screen as the latest version.
-Hd front camera for great selfies
-available in the gold colour as well
- cheaper than the iPad mini 4, where performance is  not noticeable in everyday usage.