Why eating with your hands is good for health

Find out the unknown benefits by using your hands while eating instead of cutlery.

Why eating with your hands is good for health

Improves Digestion

It is said that when we touch the food with our hands, our brain signals stomach that we are will be eating. This action, prepares the stomach to digest the food that will be received, leading in better digestion. Eating food with your hands, releases digestive juices and enzymes. The nerve endings in your finger send the message including the level of spiciness and the quality of food, thereby boosting the stomach for quick digestion.

Your mouth will not get burnt

Since you are using your hand while eating food, it acts as a very sharp heat sensor. When the food is touched and felt in the mouth, it is easier to know how hot the food actually is. By doing this, you are less likely to put sizzling hot food that in your mouth. This whole process holds you from burning your tongue.

Prevents a kind of diabetes

Fast eaters who do not use hand while eating as compared to the rest of the people who ate with hands are connected to blood-sugar imbalances in the body. This happens by promoting the rise of type 2 diabetes. If you think that are eating too quickly, leave the cutlery style of eating. It slows down and this change you will feel it too. It is shocking to know how soon you will feel full by eating less food with your hands.

Decrease overeating at restaurants

People all over the world spend a lot of their money on food budget by dining out. These eatery spots could make a path to lot of calories. This will gradually increase our waistline. Many health professionals ask people to cook more at home. This is because; researchers have found that people eating outside used their hands to pick on the food including dry food entrées for an average three times a week. They were attentive while eating. This method helped them reduce acid issues while they still enjoyed restaurant meals including the feel of stomachs getting fuller.