Why picking your nose is dangerous

Picking nose is not only tacky but dangerous. Use a tissue paper rather using your finger.

Why picking your nose is dangerous

You might have come across people picking nose occasionally. But remember, it is not only a disgusting sight but can also seriously jeopardize your health. We might be secretly picking our noses at times, but the habit is something to be avoided.

We pick our noses at one time or the other though sometimes it becomes a regular habit. If this is done regularly and excessively, then you can have some dangerous health effects. Children most likely cultivate this habit that finally end up hard to stop. Teach them to use a handkerchief. Picking noses can cause infections and nose bleeding.

Picking noses can cause pimples inside your nose hair follicles called folliculitis. Other infections can develop in the nose as well. It can even get you infected with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This bacteria can travel all the way to your brain through your blood.

Moreover, if you have any bacteria, virus or fungus in your fingernail bed, then you are literally leading them an easier path to enter your body. This can lead to skin infections. Vestibulitis, an infection, is likely to be developed in the area inside the opening of the nostril.

It might tear the delicate skin inside your nose that will eventually lead to bleeding. People with regular nose bleeds will take couple of months to recover.

The blood supply to nose is very active and sturdy. There are five veins that lead to the front of the nose. On the other side, if you are suffering from cold and your sinus is blocked, picking your nose can develop sinusitis. The reason being you are inviting millions of bacteria that are under your finger nails into your nose. From your fingers, they can travel right up to your nose and could reach your sinus cavity. Unfortunately, the bacteria will only multiply causing you a serious sinus infection.