Why you need to positively remove your makeup before going to bed

Do not hit the bed with your makeup on and cause damage to your skin.

Why you need to positively remove your makeup before going to bed

It is very important to remove your makeup before sleeping to avoid breakouts, acne, clogged skins, allergies and many more skin related troubles.

Here are the reasons why it is necessary to wash your makeup off!

Skin Breakouts

Your face will be dirty and dead skin cells will not go away. It clogs the pores and chronic inflammation takes in the form of acne. Sleeping with your makeup on gives exposure to the free radicals that causes breakdown of healthy collagen on the skin.

Premature Skin

Makeup hinders the renewing process of your skin while you are asleep. The skin is coated with makeup that makes it difficult to breathe.  The chemicals that lingers in your skin involves with the repair of mechanism naturally. Apparently, makeup will attract the pollutants stick to it and will leave your skin to attack the harmful free radicals. This destroys the compound that helps in keeping your skin healthy and makes your skin look older.

Pores getting dirty

The makeup that is left on your face makes your pores get clogged with dust and dirt. These pores grow larger as the skin loses the elasticity because it is dry. This holds back the production of collagen which repairs the skin itself. Meanwhile, these pores which are clogged, grow larger and more clear. This not appears unpleasant and gives entry to the infections.

Foundation the major culprit

The culprit of the culprits is the foundation cream or powder. If you have both on, it is more dangerous. Foundations or any thick, oil containing primers are the worst criminal. They block the skin from repairing itself naturally during  night, causing whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and oily skin.

Dull complexion

Have you woken up in the morning with your previous evening's makeup? Keeping makeup before you crashing could be really bad for the skin. The oils and dead skin cells on outer layers of the skin are stuck making you appear dull.  Cleansing and scrubbing your face will make it look healthy as the new skin cells will allow natural repair processes.