Why you should not have a lot of Green Tea

For long, green tea has been perceived to be an essential part of a healthy diet schedule, but it also has its own disadvantages.

Why you should not have a lot of Green Tea

We are constantly told that green tea is healthy and it helps is detoxification, losing weigh and has other health benefits. Alas, we not informed, as often, of the side effects of consuming it on a regular basis. Perhaps, it is a better option than tea with sugar but it is, most certainly, not the healthiest beverage out there.

You must have read extensively about the benefits of gulping down warm cups of green tea. Here are the lesser known facts about green tea, that may change your perception of it.

-Increases Anxiety

mark for Vetta pse janemark for Vetta pse janeLike all kinds of tea, green tea also contains caffeine, and caffeine causes anxiety. It only brings bad news for people who suffer with anxiety disorder.

-Triggers Headache


Although, green tea has become somewhat of a ready to cure headaches, the caffeine present in it, if consumed for long can be the very reason for developing headaches in the long run.

-Causes Deficiency of Iron and weak bones 


Surely, it detoxifies bodies, but it washes out more that just toxins. Green tea flushes out iron and calcium from the body in great amounts,, which lead to deficiency in the two important elements required to stay fit.

-Irregularity in Heartbeat 


Coming back to the topic of caffeine, which if consumed over 200gms is likely to cause heart burn and irregularity in heart beat.



Pregnant women should stay miles away from green tea and caffeine, in general. Green tea and other caffeine induced products are highly likely to cause miscarriage.

-Liver Damage

Human liver

An antioxidant substance, catechises, present in green tea can have a bad effect on the mitochondria which is the powerhouse of cells. If consumed in large quantity, this substance can cause damage to liver.

-Weaken Eye Sight 


As difficult as it may be to connect the dots. Doctors inform that green tea puts a lot of pressure on the eyes which in turn causes glaucoma. The generated pressure can have an effect on the eyes for as long as 90 minutes.