Woman gives birth to conjoined twins; A Special Team To Decide On Separation

Women gives birth two a set of conjoined twins who have a separate head, but are joined from the Thorax.

Woman gives birth to conjoined twins; A Special Team To Decide On Separation

A women at Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India, gave birth to a pair of conjoined Twins (boys). They have a separate fully developed head, two healthy set of limbs but shares a single heart.

Twenty six year old Shahin Khan, gave birth to the twins in the seventh month of her pregnancy, on Wednesday Morning. They are joined from the thorax - the part from the neck to abdomen and weighs 4.5 kg.

Doctors at the hospital said that the mother and the twins are in good health. They added that these Twins have "a very complex internal architecture". Internally, the twins have one liver and a heart with two aortas. The right one has two lungs and the left one has one underdeveloped lung. The structure of urinary bladder is not clear.

As reported in Mirror, Dr Suleiman Merchant, the dean of the hospital , said: “These conjoined twins have a very complex internal architecture."

"While they have two separate heads and necks, they are joint from the thorax, that is the part between the neck and the abdomen, and so are completely fused below the umbilicus level.”

It was only in 32nd week of her pregnancy that she got to know that she was carrying a conjoined pair of twins, as it was only then that she underwent an ultrasound to check the status of the fetus.

"We realised she was carrying conjoined twins right away and asked her to stay in the hospital. She went home only briefly.
She returned a week back and we carried out a planned Caesarean section," Dr Suleiman added.

Dr Paras Kothari, the Head of Pediatric Surgery at the hospital, said: "As they share one heart, it isn't going to be an easy decision to make for the parents.
"But without a surgery none of them would survive. A hospital ethics committee will first discuss the surgery and its possible outcome before counselling the parents,” he said.

A special team of doctors would carry out a possible surgery to separate the infants. The hospital authorities also said that they would provide all facilities completely free of cost.

As per records Conjoined twins are a rare case are born in one in two thousand. While 40-60% are still born only 35% live for only one day.